The concept for Toms Apartment is "Value and Cozy". Accommodation fee is from NT$ 800 per night.

Clean, Safety, No smoking, No curfew. Free WiFi, 24 hour hot shower, 24 hour check-in. 24 hour security camera.

Less than 10min walk from Zhongshan Station. About 10min walk from Taipei Main Station.

Journey to live in an apartment in Taipei.

Toms Apartment was opened by Tom who has worked for Taipei famous hostel "Happy Family" for 5 years as a manager (featured in Lonely Planet Guide, Michelin Guide and Chikyu no Arukikata).

Tom is extremely down-to-earth and helpful, so customers who stay here often feel a sense of home. Toms Apartment is open in 2017. New, modern designed, clean, cozy, and safe. WiFi throughout the apartment. Friendly and helpful at all times ensure family atmosphere and an enjoyable stay.